My First Virtual Conference!

Just a quick update post! Last week I presented De’Cypher’ing the Matrix: An Investigation of the Manosphere and Red Pill Ideology at the 2021 Chesapeake Digital Humanities Conference.

This gave me a chance to rework/refresh an old paper with new research, and prepare the material for presenting in a different format. I had a ton of fun putting together my presentation with a digital audience in mind. The organizers recorded all of our presentations (thanks!), so you can watch mine here:

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SWPACA 2020: Reflections, Refractions

Two weeks ago, I attended the annual SWPACA (Southwest Popular/American Culture Association) Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The SWPACA Conference  hosts scholarly research on popular and American culture from a number of disciplines. Personally I’m a bit out of touch with popular culture. I don’t watch a lot of TV shows or movies, and the conference program was full of media and cultural objects I’d never heard of. But in the end it didn’t matter too much—beyond the media/source material, what was most interesting about SWPACA was the variety of original ideas and theories from a wide range of interdisciplinary perspectives. There was still plenty to appreciate about the presentations I saw, even when the source material was unfamiliar.

The SWPACA 2020 Undergraduate Fellowship winners. Source:

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